Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer

Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer

Best Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer in India

In the heart of Nangloi, Delhi, Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries Products stands as a beacon among Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturers in India. Elevating your storage experience, we take pride in presenting a diverse range of Medium Duty Racks & Shelving Racks Manufacturer meticulously crafted to endure. Fashioned from robust mild steel within our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, each rack is a testament to strength and durability. Our commitment to modern machinery and tools ensures not just efficiency, but the seamless fulfillment of your warehousing and storage prerequisites, setting us apart as your trusted storage solution provider.

What Makes Us India's Leading Medium Duty Pallet Rack Supplier in 2023

Our company proudly holds the title of a leading Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer in India, achieving success through dedication and excellence.

With an artistic and dedicated team of material handling solution designers and manufacturing specialists, we manufacture a wide array of Heavy-Duty and Medium Duty Pallet Racks in Delhi, and supply them all over India. Whether you are looking for a fully personalised Heavy-Duty Pallet Rack in Delhi, for your warehouse, or looking to reinstall a quality-made medium duty pallet rack in your distribution center, manufacturing unit or any product storage facility based in Mundka, Nangloi, Delhi or anywhere in India, we have got you covered all while staying in budget.

Are you in need of a Medium Duty Pallet Rack for medium-load goods? Looking for a preeminent Medium Duty Pallet Rack & Heavy Duty Slotted Angle Rack Manufacturer and Supplier in Jewar, Haridwar, Gurgaon, Rohtak, Mohali, Bathinda, Ajmer, Ambala, Satna, Indore, Yamunanagar, Roorkee, Moradabad, Baddi, Jaipur, Pataudi, Rudrapur, Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, India? Consider it done! We at Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries take immense pride in being the most trusted pallet rack manufacturing company and supplier located in Nangloi.

Technical Specification Of Medium Duty Pallet Rack

  • Strength-built storage solution
  • Medium-sized and mid-range goods
  • Built from quality material
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Lower cost maintenance
  • Flexible & & cost-effective
  • Quality & durability
  • Comprised of essential components such as frames, beams, bars and so on

Custom-built Medium Duty Pallet Rack at the Best Price

Medium-duty pallet racks from Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries are built from high-quality, robust, and sturdy material, ensuring we always deliver high-quality material handling solutions. In addition to consistent quality, we always assure best-in-class and top-quality Medium Duty Pallet Racks all while staying within budget.

Through our commitment to delivering consistent quality and ongoing customer support, we have become the most eminent high-density and Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer and Heavy Duty Racks Manufacturer in Delhi the most prominent city in India.

Why Medium Duty Pallet Rack - SMI?

  • Quality assurance
  • On-time delivery
  • High-volume production capacity
  • Efficient and economical material handling solutions
  • A team of highly trained and well-versed industrial rack designers and manufacturing specialists

Supreme Quality Pallet Racks Manufacturers and Wholesalers From India

With years of excellence and manufacturing expertise, we are well-versed in designing and manufacturing a broad range of pallet racks for heavy duty, Medium-Duty, and light use. If you are looking for economical, fully personalised and top-quality Pallet Racks in Mundka, Delhi, Nangloi, Faridabad, or any part of India, we are the best Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer Supplier for you.

To discover more about our pallet rack range or if you have any questions about our Pallet Racks Manufacturer, contact us by requesting a quote or calling us directly at +91 9810466777 to talk to one of our manufacturing specialists.

Product Specifications Of Medium Duty Pallet Rack:


Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries


Mild Steel


24 x 12 x 8 ft (Custom)


Multiple color

Product Type

Medium Duty Rack



Load Capacity Per Layer

150-200 kg (Custom)



Surface Finishing

Paint Coated, galvanized

Number Of Shelves

3 - 5 (Custom)

Overall Capacity

500-2000 kg (Custom)



Country Of Origin



DO You Have Any Query About Medium Duty Pallet Rack?

Q1. What are the three types of racks?
Ans: The three main types of racks are pallet racks, cantilever racks, and wire racks. Pallet racks are used for storing palletized goods, cantilever racks are designed for long and bulky items, while wire racks provide open shelving for versatile storage.

Q2. What are the four main components of pallet racks?
Ans: Pallet racks consist of four main components: upright frames, beams, wire decking or pallet supports, and diagonal braces. Upright frames provide vertical support, beams create horizontal levels for pallets, wire decking or pallet supports offer surface support, and diagonal braces enhance the rack's stability.

Q3. How many pallets are in a pallet rack?
Ans: The number of pallets in a pallet rack depends on the rack's design and size. Typically, pallet racks can accommodate multiple pallets on each level, maximizing vertical storage space in warehouses or storage facilities.

Q4. How is pallet racking made?
Ans: Pallet racking is commonly made from robust materials such as steel. The manufacturing process involves shaping and welding the steel components to create the upright frames and beams. The final assembly includes adding features like wire decking or pallet supports to ensure a sturdy and efficient storage system.

Q5. Who is the leading Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer in Delhi?
Ans: SMSI is the leading Medium Duty Pallet Rack Manufacturer in Delhi, We are known for our expertise in crafting reliable and cost-effective storage solutions. With a commitment to quality and innovative design, SMSI provides versatile medium-duty pallet racks that cater to diverse storage needs in warehouses and industrial settings, solidifying our position as a trusted manufacturer in the region.

Q6. How much does it cost to rack a pallet?
Ans: The cost to rack a pallet varies based on factors such as the type of rack, size, material, and additional features. Basic pallet racks may have a lower cost, while specialized or custom-designed racks can be more expensive. Obtaining quotes from suppliers based on specific requirements is advisable for an accurate cost estimate.

Q7. What is the standard size of a pallet rack? 
Ans: Pallet racks come in various standard sizes, with common dimensions for upright frames ranging from 8 to 20 feet in height and for beams ranging from 4 to 12 feet in length. The specific size depends on the storage needs and the type of goods being stored.

Q8. What is a Medium Duty Pallet Rack?
Ans: A Medium Duty Pallet Rack is a type of pallet rack designed to handle moderate loads. It falls between light-duty and heavy-duty racks in terms of load-bearing capacity. These racks are suitable for storage applications where a balance between capacity and cost is essential, making them versatile for various industries and warehouse setups.

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