Pallet Racks Manufacturer

Pallet Racks Manufacturer

Best Pallet Racks Manufacturer in India

In the realm of storage solutions, Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries emerges as a distinctive force, Making us the best Pallet Racks & Heavy Duty Pallet Racks Manufacturer in India. Elevating the concept of Pallet Racks to an art form, we understand that a rack is more than just a frame—it's a dynamic structure with its soul defined by the choice of Pallet Racks.

A palette, often overlooked, is the unsung hero of transportation and storage. It's not merely a platform; it's the unsung hero, the silent partner that ensures goods are transported and stored with utmost care. It's the invisible force that transforms a rack into a system of unparalleled efficiency.

From stacking to racking, storing to handling, our Pallet Racks play a pivotal role in the seamless orchestration of diverse goods for transportation via various modes. At SMSI, we go beyond manufacturing racks; we craft solutions that define the very essence of utility and innovation.

Pallet Rack is an innovative material handling solution used in industries and applications. If you are looking for versatile, economical and fully customisable material handling racks for efficient storage efficiency, a pallet rack is the best option for you. At Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries, we are well-known as the most diversified Pallet Racks Manufacturer in India, Gurgaon, Mundka and Nangloi and mainly in 25+ states of India for our robust, long-lasting and cost-effective pallet storage racks.

Features Of Our Pallet Rack

  • High goods-bearing capacity 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Customisable and versatile 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Perfect for bulk storage
  • Minimum or no maintenance cost 
  • The depth of the pallet racking system decreases the need for aisles and consequently improves pallet racks

Whether you are in need of custom-built pallet racks for your distribution centre in Delhi, or looking to reinstall quality-made pallet racks in your warehouse, storage facility or in any manufacturing facility based in Nangloi, Mundka or any part of India, consider it done. 

India’s Well-Known Pallet Racks Manufacturer in India

At Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries, we have many years of experience and expertise in pallet racking system manufacturing expertise. No matter the ask, we can design and build all types of pallet racks for any industrial applications from light duty to medium duty to heavy duty use, we have you covered. Our company has been the top Pallet Racks Manufacturer and Industrial Mezzanine Floor in Delhi, Mundka, Nangloi and the entire India for nearly two decades not only because we engineer high-quality products but also because we always accommodate exceptional customer support and turnkey solutions.

Why Opt For Us?

  • Many years of excellence in material handling solution engineering and design
  • We assure just-in-time delivery and exceptional customer service 
  • We assure best-in-class and custom-made industrial racking system
  • Manufacturing experts and experience in manufacturing quality-made industrial racks
  • We accommodate end-to-end services 
  • Efficient and cost-effective material handling solutions 

Get Custom-designed Pallet Racks For Any Industrial Use

With two decades of expertise and excellence in the industrial racking system manufacturing industry, we can build best-in-class and custom pallet racks specific to your company’s needs. Warehouse professionals who are seeking top-quality and economical pallet racks for their industrial application in Delhi, Mundka, Nangloi or anywhere in India, We at Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries are the leading manufacturer of all types of pallet racks to trust. 

Do you have any queries associated with our pallet rack range? Looking for a preeminent Heavy Duty Racks SupplierPallet Racks Manufacturer or Supplier in India? Contact our manufacturing specialist by calling us or dropping us a message and let us build an ideal pallet rack that’s right for you!

Product Specifications Of Pallet Racks:


Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries


Mild Steel


8-10 Feet (Custom)


Combination of Red, Blue, & Yellow

Product Type

Pallet Racks


Industries & Warehouse

Load Capacity Per Layer

0-50 kg, 00-150 kg, 150-200 kg, 200-250 kg


6000 MM H X 3000 MM W X 1200 MM

Surface Finishing

Paint Coated

Number Of Layers

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Custom)



Country Of Origin

Made In India

DO You Have Any Query About Pallet Racks?

Q1. Who is the leading pallet racks manufacturer in Delhi?
Ans: Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries is one of the leading pallet racks manufacturers in Delhi, we are known for our expertise in crafting quality storage solutions, including pallet racks.

Q2. What are pallet racks in warehouses called?
Ans: Pallet racks in warehouses are commonly referred to simply as pallet racks. These racks are designed to store palletized goods and maximize vertical space in warehouses, providing an organized and efficient storage solution for various industries.

Q3. How much does a pallet rack cost?
Ans: The cost to rack a pallet varies based on factors such as the type of pallet rack, size, material, and additional features. Basic pallet racks may have a lower cost, while specialized or custom-designed racks can be more expensive. Obtaining quotes from suppliers based on specific requirements is advisable for an accurate cost estimate.

Q4. What are the three types of racks?
Ans: The three main types of racks are pallet racks, cantilever racks, and wire racks. Pallet racks are designed for palletized goods, cantilever racks for long and bulky items, and wire racks for versatile open shelving.

Q5. What is the purpose of pallet racking?
Ans: The purpose of pallet racking is to efficiently store and organize palletized goods in warehouses or storage facilities. Pallet racking systems maximize vertical space, streamline inventory management, and facilitate easy access to goods, enhancing overall warehouse productivity.

Q6. What are the four main components of pallet racks?
Ans: Pallet racks consist of four main components: upright frames, beams, wire decking or pallet supports, and diagonal braces. Upright frames provide vertical support, beams create horizontal levels for pallets, wire decking or pallet supports offer surface support, and diagonal braces enhance the rack's stability.

Q7. What material is used for pallet racking?
Ans: Pallet racking is commonly made from robust materials such as steel. The use of steel ensures durability and strength, allowing pallet racks to withstand heavy loads and provide long-lasting storage solutions.

Q8. What type of steel is used in pallet racks?
Ans: The type of steel used in pallet racks is typically high-strength, cold-rolled steel. This type of steel provides the necessary structural integrity and load-bearing capacity required for pallet racks to withstand the demands of warehouse storage environments.

Q9. What is a normal pallet size?
Ans: A normal pallet size can vary, but a standard pallet size is often around 48 inches by 40 inches. However, pallet sizes can be customized based on regional standards, industry requirements, and the specific needs of businesses.

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